Dietmar Mueller-Elmau


Dietmar Mueller-Elmau isowner of Schloss Elmau, a cultural retreat south of Munich in the Bavarian Alps. Mueller-ELmau operates Schloss Elmau as a space for exploring American-Jewish cultural exchange. It has been a regular meeting place for scholars from around the world since 1998, with a special focus on Jewish studies and globalisation. The Schloss Elmau Symposia on Political Theology and the History of Ideas attract thinkers and scholars from various disciplines. In 2015, Schloss Elmau hosted the G7 Summit with heads of state and government from the United States, Canada, Japan, France, Great Britain, Italy and Germany. The Verbier Festival and its Chamber Orchestra have taken up residence at Schloss Elmau since 2008.

12 January 2023 Strings Attached Podcast Ep. 9
Strings Attached Podcast Ep. 9