Strings Attached Ep. 8

The Luckiest Man in the World

Note from Asaf Maoz: There are a few people I can say for a fact that they influenced and challenged me to become a better musician. Gábor Takács-Nagy is one of them! After having a successful career as a violinist in the world renowned Takács quartet, Gábor had to leave the violin because of physical issues in his hand. This led to a beautiful and fruitful career as a conductor. We talk about dealing with fears, team player vs solo person and how does he keep being so positive.

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Record date : 27 December 2022

Through his podcast, Strings Attached, VFCO and Israel Philharmonic violinist Asaf Maoz hosts guests for intimate conversations about their career journeys and lessons learned through their professional paths. He looks to show parallel ideas between his guests’ fields expertise and the world of music.

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